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Our maintenance package is exclusively for those who are apart of our maintenance club

A fortnightly or four weekly booking every month, usually on a reoccurring date

This keeps your vehicle at a factory level of clean, ensuring little to no dirt build up and keeping protection levels topped up all year round 


our maintenance package is only available after receiving one of our deep cleans or tailored packages, 1 visit per month is also required 


The Maintenance Package

  • full intensive vaccum 

  • dash & plastics cleansed 

  • windows & gloss blacks cleansed 

  • matts steamed & designed 

  • door trims & shuts cleansed 

  • full safewash + wheels inc barrels 

  • arches deep cleansed 

  • tyres & exterior plastics dressed 

  • designer fragrance  



Our mini deep clean package is our entry level deep clean

With the main components of your vehicle being expertly detailed, this package is perfect for those who maintain their cars to a reasonable standard and will leave your car factory fresh inside and out


The price of the mini deep clean will vary on the size & condition of the vehicle, this will be covered in full with the client at the time of booking, a deposit will also be required

The Mini Deep Clean

  • full safewash inc wheels + barrels

  • arches & exhaust deep cleansed

  • full liquid decontamination 

  • turbo 6 paint sealant applied

  • 6 month wheel coating

  • 6 month glass coating 

  • full intensive vacuum

  • full deep steam clean

  1. ​matts

  2. seats

  3. carpets

  4. headcloth

  5. dash & interior plastics

  6. boot

  • shuts & sills cleansed

  • matts designed 

  • designer fragrance


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For the dirtiest of cars or the connoisseurs of clean, the full deep clean is the pinnacle of our valeting packages

All day from morning until evening we will give your vehicle a full overhaul leaving it looking & feeling brand new inside & out

Think your vehicles too dirty to save ?

Book our full deep clean and see how wrong you are !


The price of the full deep clean will vary on the size & condition of the vehicle, this will be covered with the client at the time of booking, a deposit will also be required

The Full Deep Clean

  • full safewash inc wheels + barrels

  • full arch deep cleanse + decontamination

  • exhaust deep cleansed + polished (if applicable)

  • full engine bay deep clean

  • 1 year ceramic coating

  • wheels & glass 6 month coating

  • full intensive vacuum

  • full deep steam clean

  1. seats​

  2. carpets

  3. matts

  4. headcloth

  5. boot

  6. windows

  7. door shuts & sills

  8. leather (if applicable)

  • matts designed ​

  • designer fragrance

  • interior ceramic applied to fabric, carpets & seats




Have you recently purchased your new pride and joy and noticed the dealerships idea of "perfect" isn't for you ?

The New Car Detail is what you need !

Have us treat your new investment with our industry leading knowledge and equipment, leaving your new car the way it should be, brand new !


The price of the new car detail will vary upon factory paint condition & ceramic coating choice, this will be fully covered with the client at the time of booking, a deposit will also be required

The New Car Detail

  • full safewash inc wheels + barrels 

  • full decontamination

either of:​

  • full single stage enhancement


  • spot correction (based on paint condition)

choice of:

  • 1 year ceramic coating

  • 2 year ceramic coating

  • 7 year ceramic coating 

  • wheel and glass 6 month coating

  • engine bay detail

  • intensive vacuum

  • plastics and dash cleansed

  • interior & exterior glass

  • matts designed 

  • designer fragrance 


(depending on paint condition)


Sick of those little scratches you see in your vehicles paint in the sun ?

These mirco scratches caused by incorrect washing practises & bad cleaning disciplines are called swirl marks & marring

Not to worry ! with our gloss enhancements & full paint corrections we can save your car's paint and have it looking like glass, exactly the way it should be !


Gloss enhancements & paint correction packages are priced upon paint inspection. Once a paint inspection has been completed, several options will be sent to the client, starting from entry level & working up, all options & prices will be discussed with the client upon booking, a deposit will also be required

(pair our paint corrections or gloss enhancements with a ceramic coating for the best possible results & protection)

Home: Services
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If one of our deep clean packages seems too intensive for your vehicles needs or your budget ? Don't worry !

We can tailor a custom & unique package to suit your needs, just send us a email or message and we will be happy to assist you further 

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Home: Services
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