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The Pinnacle Of  Vehicle Protection

Ceramic coatings are the pinnacle of liquid paint protection, these coatings are applied to your vehicle and harden, forming a solid protective layer over your vehicles paint for years to come

Apart from ease of maintenance these coatings prevent contaminants and dirt from sticking to your paintwork giving you that just washed look for longer. They also prevent against light scratches & marring & these coatings also boost gloss levels better than anything else on the market leaving your car looking better than brand new !!

We offer a variety of ceramic coatings from different brands ranging from 1 year to 7 year coatings 

Please note we always recommend having either a gloss enhancement or full paint correction prior to having a coating applied for the best possible result 

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Ceramic Coatings: Services
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Ceramic Coatings: Image
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Ceramic Coatings: Image
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